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Four steps to more business

DIGITAL1234 presents you with four simple steps to more business. Konica Minolta’s business development program has been designed to enable print providers to thrive in their businesses. It takes an opportunity-based approach and shows customers in four practical steps how to identify, assess, justify and implement new business opportunities. All you have to do is register once to obtain all this valuable information – free of any obligation or expense.

Four steps to build your business:

IDENTIFY: Why does it make sound business sense to look into a specific opportunity for growing your business? We offer a number of White Papers dealing with a wide range of topics, such as Web to Print, Variable Data Printing, Workflow Automation, Inline Finishing and Book Publishing.

ASSESS: How does this business opportunity fit into my existing operational setup? Our Assessment Guides, written by independent industry experts, will help you to assess in practical terms if your business is ready for a particular new business opportunity, for example Web to Print.

JUSTIFY: How have other print providers profited from a particular new business opportunity? Read how other customers have benefited in case studies from the different business opportunities fields. Then you can judge for yourself if the investment is worthwhile.

IMPLEMENT: Want to ensure a successful implementation while avoiding pitfalls which can lead to disappointments? A step-by-step Implementation Guide written by an independent industry specialist will enable you to put the new business opportunity into practice in your company. But because the implementation of a new business opportunity is naturally a fairly complex business, we offer you practical support throughout the implementation stage.

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